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  • Charmaine Riley

Too Hot for Hosiery? Elevate Your Look with Socks this Season

Hosiery lovers, we know it’s hot outside! With the weather bringing the heat, it’s no secret: Layers aren’t the look this season. While we’re anxiously awaiting cooler temperatures, we can’t miss out on an easy way to elevate a summer look: Socks!

Whether you’re wearing a pair of pumps or a fresh pair of sneakers, a pair of breathable socks combined with your footwear adds an extra element of style and personality to your look. Believe us–we know socks and sandals got a bad reputation. However, these aren’t your dad’s regular gym socks! This revamped look embodies everything a CARRA guy or girl is: Fearless, barrier breaking, and of course, on top of all the latest trends.

Here’s how we style our CARRA socks, available exclusively at

Socks + Heels

Pawse Animal Print Socks

Socks + Sneakers

Tight Net Socks

See My Bow Socks

Socks + Sandals

Tight Net Fishnet Socks

Polka Dot Ankle Socks

Enjoy your summer!


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