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3 Ways to Wear the Fishnet Trend for a Bold Everyday Look

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Fishnet socks look really cute with sneakers – but they also look great with heels, loafers, and ankle boots! Surprisingly, they are also comfortable and not constricting, which will carry you through the summer trend with no problem. All appearance notes aside, this is a playful and unique style to partake in! Here are three tips on how to wear your fishnet socks for an everyday look.

1. The most popular – and most comfortable way - to wear fishnet socks is with a classic pair of sneakers and slightly cropped or ankle length jeans or joggers.

Fishnets and sneakers
See My Bow Fishnet Socks

2. Keep things interesting by wearing your fishnet socks with a pair of open-back shoes, like flat mules or loafers. With the See My Bow fishnet, you can wear your bows low, high, or to the side.

Fishnets and loafers
See My Bow Fishnet Socks

3. Make your feet stand out in a big way by wearing fishnet socks with a pair of statement pumps - go bold with this neon color! Nothing says I'm here to slay like a classic pair of pumps with a pop of color. Your pumps and fishnets will be sure to turn heads!

Fishnet socks and Pumps
Tight Net Fishnets

Which look was your favorite for fashion inspiration? Tag us on social media @carrahosiery and let us know. You can also shop the look here (


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