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Fishnets & Florals - A Bold Chic Look!

Tight Fishnet Socks
Floral Skirt

We get it if you’re more of a 60’s flower child, why not try a pair of fishnet socks

under your favorite floral dress? This romantic style presents the perfect way

to embrace your feminine side while amping up the voltage. Luckily,

there are options for everyone, as this trend looks stunning with both flowing

and structured dresses of all lengths. If you do decide to try a longer dress,

ensure your fishnets remain visible by choosing one that doesn’t fall too far

below the ‘midi’ dress length. Since you’re wearing florals, embrace the

beauty of Spring and pair with your favorite black heels, or metallic pumps. These will be beautifully

accentuated by the black detailing of your stockings or socks. Finish the look

with your favorite jewelry and lip color for fun!

Shop the fishnet sock trend here


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