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Why is CARRA Hosiery promoting men in hosiery?

Men in Hosiery

CARRA Hosiery recently surveyed a group of hosiery lovers and customers for feedback on the brand and what customers wanted to see. The results of this surveyed set the tone for our Fall 2019 photoshoot. The images caught the attention of Hosiery for Men,

a blog dedicated to tights, pantyhose and other legwear for men. Below is our interview.


Last month you put out a call for male hosiery models to take part in a photo shoot. What was the response?

The response was good! Lots of interest from male hosiery lovers overseas which is demographically challenging as I'm US-based but nevertheless positive. Responses came in from Australia, Switzerland, Florida, and Paris to name a few. It was literally three days before the shoot when I was able to confirm a local model - he was awesome! I must say it was the best shoot we have done to date.  His name is Sir Hum [Phrey] Wellington and you can follow him at @phreyourmind on Instagram.

Men in Hosiery, tights for men

Why does a hosiery brand like CARRA consider it important to reach out to men who wear tights? 

CARRA is a young brand, woman-owned and operated so the freedom and direction of the company is solely mine. Through my research and conversations with hosiery lovers and forums like Hosiery for Men, it was important for me to show brand inclusiveness. It was equally important for me to educate myself on the topic. I conducted a survey a few months back and the one thing they stood out is the lack of marketing to men in hosiery. This was also included in the Hosiery for Men survey which was a wealth of information - thank you!! I took all of this information to heart as its a niche market that is loyal and men understand and appreciate quality.

Men in Hosiery, tights for men

How did you style the shoot with your male model? It seems you were aiming for a really natural, casual style showing how well tights can work in men's fashion. 

Yes that was my goal exactly! I wanted to show style, practicality and versatility. I picked a few pieces based on what I've seen some of my customers wear and the model's wardrobe played an important role as well. It was a lot of fun to pull the looks together which made for a seamless shoot. I used the styling in a way to send a message-wear your hosiery with confidence, wear your hosiery in style.

Men in Hosiery, tights for men

What feedback did you get from your model about wearing the CARRA Chaos tights

He loved the Chaos design and this was his first in CARRA Hosiery. He did not hesitate one bit with the creative direction of the shoot and pulled a few surprises out of his own. He chose Chaos as the fit was perfect for his body type and it complemented his style. We ran out of time before we could change to the other designs. The next shoot is already in the works!

Men in Hosiery, tights for men

You have used the images from the shoot across CARRA's social media channels. What has the reaction been? 

The reaction was very rewarding and positive!! The pictures really got the conversation started in the right direction. I received an overwhelming amount of comments, approvals, high fives and more!! I wasn't sure of the reaction but was willing to take the risk. I'm happy to say it was a milestone moment for CARRA. The idea of shooting a man in CARRA has been in the talks for over 6 months and I knew it had to be done right! I'm forever grateful for your platform and for men in hosiery across the globe! Your encouraging words and engagement on social media keeps me motivated. As Paul Duane would say - Stop asking for permission to be you. CARRA is the brand for all. 

Men in Hosiery, tights for men


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Kevin Charlton
Kevin Charlton
Aug 15, 2021

I’ve just stumbled across this discussion, as I’m sitting here having breakfast browsing the internet for some new tights. I am male, 49 years old, (May 2021) and I would just like to say that I’ve worn tights for a long time, but for about 4 years now, I do actually wear them openly with shorts, very similar to the chap in the article. I’ve just returned from a three day break in London with my wife and two boys visiting Museums, the Eye etc. and for the entire time I was wearing 15 denier nude tights under my shorts. Nobody, and I mean Nobody batted an eyelid. I‘ve been to York wearing black opaques, Newcastle wearing navy 15 denier,…


Nov 08, 2020

I hope you are still on the track with the promotion of hosiery for men. I do wear tights very open and also in many different coulors. Here in Europe there is a active community, more and more men are wearing hosiery. I consult some brands of how to find more acceptance and some resellers on where to move tights in their shops so that men have a better access to them. In most shops hosiery is found at the back of the lady's department - LoL.


Oct 11, 2019


What you are doing is truly outstanding.... Pushing boundaries....

Fantastic looking pantyhose/tights.....

Free the panty is 100% the way forward....

Hosiery for Men.... Hosiery is for everyone...

Thank you


Christi Hairston
Christi Hairston
Oct 11, 2019

Thank you guys!!!!!


Oct 09, 2019

Great to hear promoting men wearing hosiery by Carra. It's long over due for men to have more fashion choices now the hard part comes getting society to accept this fashion. At present men wearing hosiery openly gets called names and labeled I myself wear daily but if out are under my pants would love to have fashion freedom.

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