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Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day CARRA Girls and Guys!

Valentine’s Day can shine a light on the relationships in our lives — or the lack of certain relationships — and that can stir up an array of emotions.

Whether you are coupled up or celebrating with friends, there is one relationship that everyone has, and is the most important: the relationship with yourself. Investing time in taking care of yourself isn't just good for you - but others around you as well.

Self-love isn’t always easy, and its not selfish. Sometimes, we find ourselves putting our own needs on the back-burner. This Valentine’s Day, don't just show love for others, but show yourself some love!

Here are some ways to practice self-love today:

  • Take yourself on a date

  • Wear your favorite tights with an outfit that makes you feel and look good

  • Buy yourself flowers

  • Write yourself a love letter

  • Do something you genuinely love

  • Just breathe

With love Christi



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