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International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the beautiful, smart, and talented women across the world! Today, and every day, we honor the power women hold and the beautiful sisterhood we share, regardless of identity or background.

As we reflect on today and this month, we can’t help but think about the ways women have shaped the world around us. From Madeline Chéruit, who is known as one of the first fashion designers in the 1880s, and Mae Jemison who still has us saying #GOALS as the first black woman in space, to Beyoncé’s iconic performance at Coachella (making her the first woman to do so!), we are inspired by the pure tenacity and perseverance of our sisters.

It wasn’t easy for women to get here. Our history is rich, complicated, and even political. While we continue to break the glass ceiling (shoutout to Vice President Harris!), the struggle, sexism, racism, and transphobia was, and still is, very real. But even in the most difficult times, there was always a way for women to express themselves: Fashion.

Since the beginning of time, clothes have been a way for women to express themselves and showcase their message, identity, and personality, even in times and places where their expression was forbidden or looked down upon. Our true selves are embodied in our handmade shirts, our shoes, the hijabs our sisters wear, the style of our hair, and yes, even the tights we choose to slip on under our favorite dress that tells the world, “I am here and I am ready.” Sisters, today we honor you–just for being you and the beautiful stories you tell through your words and fashion.

Before today ends, we challenge you to ask yourself these questions: How do you express yourself through fashion? What pieces make you, you? And how is your fashion creativity opening doors for your future sisters?

Happy International Women’s Day and Women’s History month, CARRAgirls and boys!


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