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  • Charmaine Riley

Happy Nylon Day!

Can you believe the world is getting back into the swing of things after over two years in a pandemic, CARRA guys and girls? We see you outside looking cute! We’re so excited to take today, National Nylon Stocking Day, to celebrate all of the looks you’ve given using the iconic nylon fabric.

Nylon stockings are ALWAYS in style. And believe us, nylons have seen A LOT of trends since their debut in 1939 when they cost less than two dollars a pair. Fashionistas around the world were immediately drawn to the new stretchy, durable, washable, and dryable fabric.

Did you know that in 1941 after the attack on Pearl Harbor, nylon stockings disappeared from shelves? According to Smithsonian Magazine, nylon was permitted only in the manufacturing of parachutes, tire cords, ropes, aircraft fuel tanks, shoe laces, mosquito netting and hammocks, aiding in the U.S.’s national defense. Once the war ended in 1945, so many people rushed to the stores to reclaim their hosiery that it was dubbed the “nylon riots”. They loved their nylons even more than we do today!

Who could imagine that our everyday staple has such a rich history? We love that while we tell our stories through fashion, fashion has stories to tell us. Whether you pair your nylons with your favorite skirt or under shorts for a layered look, the fabric has had the power to remain a staple in closets and drawers for almost a century. What’s next for nylon?

Use code NYLONDAY22 for 15% to celebrate the day!!



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