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Hosiery is not one size fits all!

New to wearing hosiery? You will love CARRA!

Hosiery can hide cellulite, moles, varicose veins, unshaven legs and other personal details you may want to keep hidden. But what happens when your hosiery just doesn’t fit?

We've all had that one experience when one pantyhose leg fits tighter than the other or when the crotch is sagging between your legs. The most uncomfortable feeling ever! I mean how can you walk straight when one of your legs feels like the circulation is cutting off? Or have you ever purchased a pair of hosiery with a one-size fits all label? Although there is no standard size structure for hosiery, size does matter. For example, the first samples from the CARRA Hosiery Chelsea Collection were sent back for a second run because the small sizes were too small for a small!

CARRA Hosiery is for the modern woman and our revolutionary hosiery hugs every curve from waist-to-cheek! Hosiery should compliment your look not take away from it!

We've been paying close attention to our customers and happy to say all of our styles are available in sizes Small - Extra Large. So come on and join the “no saggy hosiery movement.

CARRA Hosiery Size Chart

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12 ene 2019

The statement above is so true all O/S are not the same it differs from brand to brand. I myself am not skinny and not large I can wear most all O/S but are a few that their O/S sizing is way off. My only advice is to ask someone that have tried a brand your interested in or read reviews, blogs or forums and ask there.

Me gusta
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